KDE Receives First Client Review on Clutch

Headquartered in Kyiv, Ukraine, KDE is a state-of-the-art creative studio that offers top-tier product design and industrial design services. Since 2013, we’ve gradually carved our name in the local industry here in the nation and we are looking forward to expanding our reach.

As service providers, it’s important to build credibility online through different means such as social media and B2B platforms. Showing how much your clients are satisfied is important to solidify your name in whichever industry you are in. With that being said, we are incredibly proud to announce that we’re finally getting started on Clutch.

What is Clutch?

If you haven’t caught wind of what Clutch is, it’s an independent B2B review and rating platform based in Washington, DC. The site is home to a jaw-dropping collection of client reviews, research-driven content, and agency rankings, making it one of the most revered market resource platforms in the B2B space.

What is Clutch?

Word of mouth is important for any business, and our first-ever client review kickstarts our journey on Clutch. An analyst from the platform personally conducted an over-the-phone interview with the chief executive officer of Infur, a water purification company based in Ontario, Canada.

The five-star review features an ongoing product design project and it was published back on July 20, 2021. Our team is in charge of mechanical and electrical engineering software for Infur. Aside from technical tasks, our team is also responsible for logistical feats such as contacting manufacturers and other important experts.

When asked about the results of our engagement, the client said that KDE has been providing value for their team through our cost-effective services.

“They have all the engineering in-house, so they don’t need to outsource anything. Also, their honesty, communication, and manufacturing stand out the most — they don’t make us spend money on useless stuff.” — Chief Executive Officer of Infur

Infur isn’t our only satisfied client from abroad. Over the years, we’ve also worked with different international companies, and we can’t wait to see their reviews come in soon.

On that note, we extend our appreciation to Infur and their team for the amazing working relationship and support. We are genuinely grateful for this engagement and review.

The Manifest

Moreover, client reviews aren’t the only way to showcase one service provider’s work. Praises from industry professionals and independent institutions also serve as a great recommendation. Just recently, we’ve been made aware that our company, KDE, was included on the list of leaders in The Manifest.

The Manifest is a prominent business blog website that publishes extensive B2B wisdom, agency shortlists, and how-to guides. According to their evaluation, KDE is ranked among the top 10 3D printing companies in Ukraine.

This means so much to us because it just goes to prove our team’s quality works. We are excited to continue gaining traction on both Clutch and The Manifest.

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