DFM & Prototyping

Engineering analysis and optimization starts with a well-detailed spec and with proof of principle builds that prove out the products real-world requirements. This presents a starting point and a baseline for optimization. We can then optimize for weight, size, cost, strength, thermal performance, and more.

  • Rapid prototype
  • Testing prototype
  • Design for manufacture
  • Mass production prototype
  • Mass production product
  • Support

We guide clients around embedded-development pitfalls and make your products smarter. Hardware design and development experience with a range of architectures - small MCUs through large microprocessors, DSPs, customs ASICs, and FPGAs.

Quick "proof of concept" simulation tools lock down big-picture questions - how big? how heavy? which material? how much material? - as soon as possible to make the rest of the process go more efficiently.

With electrical products, we are most often concerned with maximizing battery life by optimizing energy usage. With space-constrained products, we compress the components with great care into as small a space as possible. Our engineers are ready to help with any stage for prototyping and mass production.


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